How To 100% Guarantee Your Digital Product Will Sell

Many coaches and consultants who complete the process of creating an online programme (or other digital product) are left feeling uncertain about whether it will succeed.

They lack the confidence to know, 100%, that what they have created will deliver on its promise.

They can’t be sure that what they have created is something that their clients really need and really want.

And finally, they have no real way of knowing whether their new product, that has taken hours, weeks and often months of hard work, will actually bring in any sales.

There is one very simple way to make sure that what you are creating will deliver sales* when it is finally advertised in the marketplace.

* in all cases, sales will be dependent on the marketing strategy implemented

You MUST understand your niche

For clarification, in this context the word ‘niche’ represents:

– The precise group of people you work with
– The specific problem this group of people has
– How you provide a solution to this problem (your product)

Before you set about creating any form of digital product, for example an online course, it is vital to the success of the product that you know exactly what you’re offering. More, exactly who you are creating your product for, and perhaps even more important still, proof that the people you are targeting definitely, 100%, want what you are proposing to offer them.

This part of any business is the most challenging. All the marketing professionals you ever come across will talk about understanding your niche in some way.

For every entrepreneur there is a preoccupation with deciding on a target market, however the importance of being specific in this way often isn’t made clear enough. The reality is, you can’t be specific enough.

The power of knowing that people want what you’ve got

The answer to being able to guarantee your product will sell is to establish as much certainty as you can that your target market want what you are offering them.

When we want something, truly, fully want something, we will find a way to get it.

Digital products are no different. If your product provides the answer to a painful problem that someone has, they really have no reason not to invest.

So to get more certain about the future success of any digital product you are creating, make sure that before you begin, you have a clear and proven niche. To recap, you need to:

Know WHO you are targeting
Reliably identify a painful problem they have
Provide a solution to this problem

Many coaches and consultants, having done their research, discover that they provide half of what someone really needs. More often the skills they require to provide the full solution are very easy to learn. Don’t be afraid to develop your skillset if it means you’ll be able to answer a really common and easily-solved problem.

You can click here to download Geoff’s Niche Identification worksheet to get crystal clear on what you’re offering.

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