3 Things That Prove You Are Undercharging For Your Services

1. You are charging different clients different prices for the same service.

Many coaches and consultants find themselves offering the same service at a different price, depending a variety of factors. For example, they might be feeling particularly positive and confident about their coaching abilities one day, meaning any sales pitches are delivered with added conviction and confidence. This means any sales made will often be at a higher price because they had the nerve to pitch at that level, compared to a sale made on a day where their confidence was at a lower point.

This proves that there isn’t a clear strategy behind your pricing but that it is completely dependent on where you’re at when you’re selling and the context of the sale.

2. You will willingly reduce your prices

On other days, perhaps a potential client doesn’t seem completely sold, so you reduce your price so you can ensure you make the sale. This is borne out of the need to get the reassurance that taking on a new client brings. And in this case, this reassurance becomes more important than the actual price the services are being sold at.

If you were charging the right amount, this price wouldn’t change, no matter what the need for a client might be.

Moreover, if you were selling an online programme, the uncertainty wouldn’t be present because you would have the power of knowing and predicting your sales day in, day out.

3. You are charging by the hour

Finally, the cost of working with someone one-to-one will never truly reflect what it actually means for you to give up your physical time in exchange for money.

Think about what you lose, or what you could be doing, were you not working with people hour by hour.

Moreover, if you increase your hours so as to increase your client numbers and so your revenue, would you keep on top of your marketing? Your admin? Other vital parts of running your business?

Most coaches and consultants hit a block at some point in their business growth whereby they are unable to feasibly increase their revenue past a certain stage. This is because they are working one-to-one and they simply don’t have enough time in their working day to be able to increase their revenue whilst managing all their other business needs, not to mention enjoying their private lives.

Coaches and consultants who deliver their services through digital products have the power to increase their sales exponentially. More, the power to predict this sales increase and without the need to work more hours. You will find they work less hours actually.

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