Geoff's Story

Geoff is a serial-entrepreneur having started and run a number of successful businesses across many different sectors.

Geoff was a weight-lifting champion in is teenage years, is a qualified Hairdresser, as well as a qualified Carpenter & Joiner. Geoff is also a fully trained Actor, having spent a number of years working in the theatre.

Geoff's acting training inspired his work with businesses and communicators to improve confidence when public speaking and presenting. During the creation of this business, Geoff invested time and money in many courses and trainings and went on a 5 year business journey in order to be where he is today.

Geoff is a Miracles Coach having trained with Joe Vitale; he has completed The Key Person of Influence Programme; he has attended a number of residential marketing trainings and completed many online programmes himself, run by fellow coaches within the consulting and marketing sector.

Through his own personal experience of creating a successful coaching business that runs solely online, Geoff is now a Digital Product Consultant, sharing with his clients the very same proven formula he employed to create the public speaking webinars, presentations, podcasts and online courses that made his business a success.