How To Make Sure Your Clients Want Your Products

So you have an idea for an online programme or course. You feel you really have something to offer people, something that you just know will make a difference to their lives.

Next you set about creating this online programme. You research online, you look at all the different hosting platforms available, sign up for an email autoresponder to deliver your modules and spend some time working out if you might invest in a course to teach you how to create your own offering.

You might fall into the category of those consultants and coaches who do succeed at creating an online programme or course. Bravo! It’s a huge effort.

This is exactly what I did; I went about creating an online course, battled through the challenges and hurdles, wrote and recorded 8 weeks of training, came up with bonuses and recorded a webinar to sell the course and tried my hand at Facebook Ads.

The sales I made on that programme were nowhere near what I had hoped.

I have spent much time understanding exactly what went wrong; why it didn’t sell as I expected it to and how all my hard work didn’t pay off.

The answer? Assumption.

I entirely assumed I knew what people wanted. It is that simple.

Understanding what your clients want and working out that you have a reliable method for delivering what they want are the keys to knowing your product will sell.

In my case, I did a very small amount of research but it really wasn’t enough. I have since learned exactly how to make sure you know that people want what you’ve got. Here are 3 super simple methods for researching your target market:

1 – Search for blogs in the sector your target audience is part of

What are the most common blog topics?
Which blogs have the most comments and what are the common themes of the comments?

2 – Search for and join groups on Facebook and LinkedIn that your target audience is likely to be part of

What are people asking?
What are people talking about?
What are the biggest struggles people seem to have?

3 – What are your competitors offering?

What problems are your competitors solving?
What problems are your competitors not solving – try to establish if this is a gap in the market or if there is not a need for the problem that they aren’t solving

When you know what your clients want, 90% of your marketing is done for you. The next step is to work out what you can offer as a solution to the problem you have identified.

You can download my free Niche Discovery Worksheet here which will help you to get crystal clear on everything I’ve mentioned in this post.

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